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My Dream Hallway ‘Interior Design’

So the first thing you see inside a house when you walk through the door is usually the hallway… that is unless you’re from Yorkshire, where everybody seems to endlessly hunt for a back door…. born and bred in Yorkshire… and I still don’t understand this mentality?

So, when I first set foot in my new hallway, I had… basically a marmite relationship with it. I loved the potential, I hated what was there. The same rotten green carpets covered every floor and gold wallpaper adorned the walls. It was awful. The wallpaper had been there since the house was built… I know this because the dark wooden staircase had been put in after the wallpaper was put on, so trying to remove wallpaper from behind fixed and sealed spindles was needless to say fun!


Everything looked dark and aged. I wanted to bring the same light and modern feel which we had created in the kitchen through to the hallway… this house was built in such a way that it needed to flow… each room merges into one another and currently what was there didn’t allude to this.


Renovating this area took time and a lot of hard work. We started by pulling the wallpaper off the walls, this seemed to take forever and even steaming the wallpaper left such a mess. I think it was actually glued on in part! Huge areas of plaster crumbled away with the paper and it took a lot of hard work to get the walls ready for painting. I chose a cool blue/grey colour to paint the walls, it blended perfectly with the wall colour I had already chose for the kitchen.

Next was the lighting…. this was a huge task just in itself! When we moved in there where no lights left in the house, only Chinese paper lanterns which hung from every rose. We’ve actually only just removed the last lantern at the weekend from one of the upstairs bedrooms and we celebrated its removal!

After replacing the two downstairs hallway lights with mini chandeliers, Mark had the large task of rewiring the lighting upstairs to bring the landing light to be central over the gallery landing. Originally there was one single Chinese lantern which hung in one of the corners of the landing… which a. looked ridiculous and b. made no sense at all!

So Mark was given the huge task of not only rewiring the rose to drop over the centre of the stairs, but to also reinforce the landing ceiling because I wanted him to install a stunning 7ft chandelier I’d had shipped in from overseas.

Before we could lay new carpets we had to paint the stairs. To make everything look brighter I chose a subtle shade of white and set to work… it was painstaking! I hope I never have to paint another stair spindle again in my life! It took nearly 5 weeks in total of painting whenever I could find the time when Blossom was asleep.

But finally it was done…. the new silver carpets where in, I’d splurged on new hallway furniture and to offset the grey and white, I had some of my own photos printed in black and white and mounted in black frames which were hung up the large expanse of wall at the back of the stairs.

I love our hallway now… but what I love most is the carpet… after months of walking on hard floors I feel like I’m walking on clouds every time I go upstairs now!

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