Hi there! I’m Becky, thank you so much for checking my site out!

I’m the creator and designer of Doodles and Bedtime Stories, the randomly yet aptly named place on the internet which I like to call home. After what seems like years of debating whether or not to start a blog to document all my crazy design projects I finally decided to hell with it and here it is!

So if you’re reading this you’re probably interested in knowing a little bit about me, well in a nutshell… I’m a self obsessed mummy, designer, perfectionist, baker, craft queen, artist, classic Libran and all round chilled and happy person.

My aim is to fill my world and surround myself with everything I consider beautiful. When I’m not spending every minute I can with my beautiful little girl, Blossom, I spend hours doodling and designing exciting new things for my home, my family and friends.

My partner in crime is my boyfriend Mark. He generally ends up bearing the brunt of most of my design projects, so far there’s nothing he hasn’t turned his hand too when I present him with a DIY idea! The final push to create this blog was to document an insanely crazy design project we have just undertaken together. We bought a shell of a property in February, and with our kooky 2 year old running around our feet we are ‘trying’ to create the home of our dreams together.

We enjoy the small things in life, long walks, cheese, my parents dog Daisy (who is totally insane) Rosé wine, the Lake District (our home away from home) and we’re both huge film buffs. Oh and we eat way too much pizza then I’d happily like to admit!

So now you know a bit about me, please have a look at my blogs, I’m new so there isn’t much here yet, but I really really hope you like it anyway! xxx